April Artiste Of The Month
by on April 19, 2020 in Artistes Blog

Sgt Hulka is a WA band we’ve had the pleasure to have working with since it’s inception around 18 months ago. They’ve achieved quite a bit since recording their first single with us, including their song ‘Warrior’ being selected as one of the finalists at the “Listen Up Music Festival” in New South Wales. They were even part of the “Highway To Hell“ day celebrating AC/DC, on the 40th anniversary since Bon Scott’s funeral! Kirsty recently came into our Platinum Room to record and video ‘Surprise Yourself’, origianlly written and performed by Jack Garratt.

Kirsty tells us a little more about her musical journey:

I’ve played in bands for years and years. Mostly in other people’s bands on keys/vocals. For many, many years I wanted to explore my own music but I never had the confidence to do so. I struggled to ‘find my style’ and constantly thought I only ever had one chance. It wasn’t until I started going bat shit crazy from not playing music that I realised it was now or never and I needed to spread my wings and explore my own music. It took a little while but I’m so glad I did. I’ve always been influenced by singer-songwriters like; Regina Spector, Ben Folds, Sia, Dresden Dolls, Washington and more. Each of these artists create incredible music that has just a little bit of an edge to it.
Although I don’t consider myself as a cover artist, I decided to cover Jack Garratt’s song ‘Surprise Yourself’ because that song changed my bloody life. When I wanting to release my own music I was petrified. I had held onto fear for so many years and this song actually helped me to let go of fear. Some of my favourite lines in the song… ‘Take a pen and write this down, draw something that can’t be found, learn to walk again somehow, you know you might surprise yourself’ – I took that darn pen and just started writing, practicing, playing, performing, writing more, learning more… and you know what??? I did surprise myself. I’m now writing music that I’m really proud of, I’m gaining skills I never thought I’d have. Yes, it’s a long journey and I think I’ll forever be chasing a goal but I’m not creating music to be the next Elton John or Adele, I write and play because I have to.
My song writing has definitely changed a lot since I started Sgt. Hulka a year and a half ago. I’ve done a lot of personal growth and sobered up a little… that’s in a literal sense 😊 I’ve come to terms with the fact that I write ‘piano pop’ and I fucking love it. I’m not trying to be something different or cooler, I’m just being myself. My songs are catchy but I try and create lyrics that hold a little more depth. I think they have depth but I’m not sure what other people think 😂
Check out Kirsty’s video here…
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