Originally known as Rocket Audio Productions, we began in the mid 90’s in a small home studio in Kallaroo.  Producing a wide range of local music and genre’s.

Relocating to our new Malaga studio in 2014, Artisan Music now boasts over 150 sqm of studio space.  Bigger control rooms, live band recording room and two new vocal booths.  In addition, the business continues to expand into other services providing artists with more than just a recording experience.  We have value added services which now are housed under the one roof – graphic design, website design, photography and artist development.

Patrick Carre

  • Piano Tuner
  • Songwriter
  • Musician
  • Recording & Production


Livia Carre

  • Vocalist
  • Photography
  • Graphic Design
  • Finance
  • Marketing


Suzanne Kosowitz

  • Composer
  • Musician
  • Teacher
“Suzanne Kosowitz’s music is expressive and lyrical, at times with vibrant rhythms and at others with ethereal textures. She has an imaginative ear and inventive musical ideas.” 
– David Ludwig: Composition Faculty and Artistic Chair of Performance Studies, Curtis Institute of Music, Philadelphia United States of America

Suzanne Kosowitz is a Perth-based composer whose works range from concert music to dance, theatre and film music. She has a background in jazz performance and completed her studies in Composition and Music Technology at WAAPA in 2011.

An eclectic musician and multi-instrumentalist, She is passionate about collaborating with other artists and working to realise their visions through music.

Suzanne is also a passionate educator, teaching music lessons to a wide range of ages and stages. She offers tuition in guitar, bass and piano as well as music theory, aural skills and music history.

Contact: suzanne@suzannekosowitz.com

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