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When The Producer is You – Pt 1

Believe it or not, if you’re engaging a recording studio to record your next single or EP, you’re actually playing

August 2020 Artiste Of The Month – Gemma Turvey

We first met Gemma back in 2018 when she was given our details us from Yamaha Music Australia. She needed

June 2020 Artiste Of The Month – Alasdair Kent

There was nothing stopping this amazing Artiste during the pandemic! Finding himself back home in Perth, International Tenor, Alasdair Kent,

Effective Communication With Your Music Producer

  If it’s your first time in the studio with a producer, you may not be too sure of what

The Teachers - May 2020 Artiste Of The Month
May 2020 Artiste Of The Month – The Teachers

The Teachers are a faith based band from Perth who have been writing and recording original Christian music for the

Choosing The Right Producer
Choosing The Right Music Producer

So, you’re ‘clear on your sound’, you’ve found your genre and direction. It’s now time to find the right music

April Artiste Of The Month

Sgt Hulka is a WA band we’ve had the pleasure to have working with since it’s inception around 18 months ago.

Artisan Music launches “Cre-8-It” Production Packages as part of their Cyber Sessions Suite

Starting out as our answer to help support singer / songwriters during the COVID-19 global pandemic, these packages can help

How to Work with a Music Producer

Over the last decade or so, the term “music producer” has made its way from a credit on the back

Why Do I need a Producer?

  Are you a songwriter looking to record your songs? You should probably use a producer, especially if it’s your

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