How to: Take advantage of our Pre-Production Meetings

The process of taking your music into the studio to be professionally recorded, may seem daunting to most. Especially for

How to: Take advantage of our Discount Blocks

One of the hurdles when making music, are the financial pressures that come with affording sufficient studio time and an

May 2021 Artiste Of The Month – Marc Bangs

Over the last month we have had the pleasure of working with Marc Bangs on his debut single ‘Cavern Girl’.

Approaching a demo

Interested in making a demo recording of your music, but not sure what’s the next step? Well we have you

April 2021 Artiste Of The Month – Rodrigo De Orueta

For the month of April, we are celebrating Chillean singer/songwriter, Rodrigo De Orueta. For the last year, Rodrigo has been

How to create a killer brand and content to match

If you are a musician in 2021 and aren’t present online, you NEED to continue reading. Since working in the

March 2021 Artiste Of The Month – Fr Mark Baumgarten

Born and raised in Perth WA, our Artiste of the Month, Father Mark Baumgarten, is bringing his music to the

How to DIY your next release campaign

If you’re a budding musician, the thought of having a publicist to manage a release campaign for you could be

February 2021 Artiste Of The Month – Perry P

Starting 2021 off with a bang – our Artiste of the Month Perry P has recently exploded into the Perth scene

When The Producer is You – Pt 2

If you haven’t read When The Producer is You – Pt 1, please do! We speak all about preparing yourself for

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