Effective Communication With Your Music Producer
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If it’s your first time in the studio with a producer, you may not be too sure of what to expect. The first thing is to not feel too intimidated. Good producers will understand what you’re wanting even if you don’t know the correct terms. These tips on effective communication with your music producer will get you the right results. 

If the production process is fun and exciting, it’ll reflect in the overall sound, keeping your audience excited. Keep in mind you’ll be spending a great proportion of your project woking with your producer and in order to keep it interesting, you should be able to “click” musically. A good producer will understand your musical influences and who you are as an artist which is key to developing “your” sound.

  • Try to be as specific as you can with the sound you’re after.

Although you may get on great musically, your producer can’t read you mind and they may head down the a path you weren’t expecting. Providing reference tracks is a good idea, but limit it to 2 or 3 or it can get too confusing. Don’t worry about “ripping off” other people’s sound, it’s just a starting point. 9 times out of 10 it’ll morph into a flavour of its own.

  • In the studio, it’s all about your song, sounding great.

It’s important to keep an open mind to new ideas. Much like the co-songwriting process, not all of them will be great, but may lead to something awesome! In the same way, don’t be afraid to put your ideas forward but expect to kill some of your “darlings” for the greater good of the song.

Having said all of that, If you’re not into where the song is going, it’s better to speak up sooner than to get too far down the track and scrapping hours of work. 

Overall, working with a producer should be fun but may have its challenges for both of you. Like anything, learn form the experience and be prepared to get out of your comfort zone. Before long you’ll look back and see how far you’ve come musically. Who knows, you may even have a hit on your hands!

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