How to: Take advantage of our Discount Blocks
by on June 10, 2021 in Blog

One of the hurdles when making music, are the financial pressures that come with affording sufficient studio time and an experienced engineer. It’s often a determining factor for many musicians and new-artists, wanting to experiment in the studio. In response, we have created a price package where our clients can buy DISCOUNTED blocks of studio time, in the RHODIUM ROOM, which they can tailor towards their specific needs. We wanted to take the opportunity to highlight this offer and elaborate on the advantages to these discounted blocks of studio time…

  • Discounted studio rate

Our ‘Discount Blocks’ can be purchased in 10 hour ($660) and 20 hour ($1,100) blocks, and can only be redeemed in the Rhodium room. The usual rate for the Rhodium room is $77 an hour, however, when purchasing studio time in bulk you can save $10 to $20 dollars per hour off this normal rate! 

The 10 hour block is now discounted to $66 an hour. You’ll be saving $20 each hour with the 20 hour blocks, at only $55 an hour.

  • engineer included at a discounted rate 

This discounted studio time, also includes an engineer at his discounted rate. Each session will be run by one of our engineers, who will provide their recording expertise in order to help you achieve your desired sound. As an added bonus, at the end of each session, the engineer will give you a ‘level mix’ or ‘progress bounce’ of the session, so you can hear the project coming along.

  • Voucher functions like a gift card

The beauty of these discounted blocks is that they can be used whenever and for whatever service (recording, mixing and production). Our main priority with this offer, other than creating a discounted price, was to give our clients as much freedom with booking. Acting essentially as a gift card, clients can book hours of recording time or mixing time (whatever the need), when they need it, either through our online booking system or via email/phone. With our easy to use, online booking system, clients can view our availability and schedule their appointments, with ease, independently. Not to mention, the ‘Discounted Blocks’ do not expire! Now that’s freedom!

    • freedom with booking
    • can be used for whatever purpose
    • doesn’t expire
    • Sessions can be booked at anytime online, or during work hours, over the phone / during sessions / in-person.
  • Dedicate a recording block to a project

This offer is great for professional musicians and bands looking to self-produce an album or EP, producers needing recording space, vocalists who need vocal tracking to their backing track, singer/songwriters wanting to get their songs down in a good quality format, and new-artists wishing to record their first song. We wanted to create a offer where the artist can tailor their studio time, to their needs. Often, we see artists spending over thousands of dollars, buying many hours of studio time, progressively, on each project. With the ‘Discount Blocks’ you can buy bulk hours, at a cheaper price, and you don’t have the time restrictions or scheduling conflicts to deal with. If you’re itching to get back into the studio, or start your musical journey, take advantage of this offer!

Get your moneys worth out of a studio by buying in bulk!

Our ‘Discount Blocks’ of either 10 or 20 hours, can be purchased ONLINE HERE!


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