How to Work with a Music Producer
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How to work with a music producer

Over the last decade or so, the term “music producer” has made its way from a credit on the back of a CD, the to frontline of modern music. It seems like everyone with a laptop and some music software has claims to be one. Many are great musicians, or DJs but have little experience with working in collaboration.

Often artists come away disappointed with the result because the session didn’t go the way they were hoping. This may not be entirely the fault of the producer.  If you’re an artist who hasn’t worked with a producer before, you may not have done enough preparation before your session. Over the next few posts, I’ll explain how to find and most importantly, work effectively with the right music producer.

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  • Get Clear On Your Sound

It may be a bit obvious, but you still need to ask yourself the question, “what is my sound as an artist?”. Songwriters come in many forms. You may be the artist – singer/songwriter, or just a simple songwriter, willing to have an artist cut your songs. Once you understand your direction, you can focus on your uptime goal.

Depending on where you’re at, depends on what role the producer will play. For example: as an artist, you would generally work to a particular genre the you want to be known for, i.e. Pop, Rock Folk etc. Whereas, a songwriter may write for a variety of genres so the direction would be song specific. The key is to stay true to your style. If you’re an artist working on your first E.P., try not to stray too far from the core of you sound.  i.e. don’t put a Metal song on a Folk E.P., the broader audience won’t relate to it. (unless of course you’re focussing on a specific “Folk meets Metal” market)

The other thing to decide is, what you want from the end result. Are you wanting some form of commercial success? Or are you just looking to get your songs down the way you wrote them? A producer will play quite different roles in each case.

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