May 2020 Artiste Of The Month – The Teachers
by on May 18, 2020 in Artistes Blog

The Teachers are a faith based band from Perth who have been writing and recording original Christian music for the past five years. Bands members Mitch Bristow and Megan Woodall met when they worked at the same school and quickly learned of the other’s passion for music. As the two teachers came to find their sound and develop a confidence to write their own music, the decision of what to name the band became obvious.

The duo play live across Perth regularly have experience in leading prayer and worship through their music. Their connection to education has seen them work in schools offering music ministry for students and time for staff to connect with their faith through their original music. With appearances on both Perth and Melbourne Radio, and garnering international online interest, The Teachers are building their fanbase across Australia.

The role each plays in making their music is very distinct. Mitch comes up with chord progressions and melodies which are then turned over to Megan who will add her poetic lyrics and angelic voice to the song. “We are often sending pieces through to each other over the phone, working on them and then sending it back and forth until the final product is born. We often compose a whole song without even being in the same room” Megan says. The music comes alive when they are in same room with rich harmonies and a smooth balance of sound the final result. Their style of music ranges from warm folk to winding emotive pieces to a hint of rock. This is often joked about between the two with Mitch pushing for the band to take a stronger rock path while Megan is far more settled in the folk style. “I always wanted to be in a rock band,” jokes Mitch, “but I couldn’t be happier writing music with Megan and sharing our stories with others.”

Three years ago The Teachers stepped into the Artisan Music studios and were guided by Patrick and Simon in the production of their first album, Light My Path.
Simon has continued to work with the band, not only behind the mixing desk but also adding beautiful piano pieces to some of the songs. The band are currently halfway through recording their second album, follow the links below to listen to our new music

Look to the Son

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