Achieving the right sound and feel can be one of the hardest things without the right ear and the right gear. With one the most versatile music producers Perth has, your song will get the best chance it can to appeal to the right audience. Add imagination together with creativity and experience, and you’ve got everything your song needs to make it a hit!

Achieve Your Sound With Artisan Music Producers Perth


No matter what musical style you’re into, local producer Patrick Carre is well versed in many musical genres and has the skill and know-how to take your music to the next level. With a career spanning over 25 years, an intimate knowledge of his music software and creative tools, he strives to be at the cutting edge of music creation. So whether you’re a songwriter or band looking to tailor your sound and appeal, your project will be in great hands providing focus and direction.


To make your tracks stand above the rest, the right mix for your song is crucial to capture your listeners ears whilst hitting them in the heart. This can only be achieved with the right experience and equipment. Our engineers have had more than 20 years in the industry, following sounds and mixing trends in just about every musical style.


Adds energy and excitement to the mix to make your song sparkle and shine. Mastering is another very important stage, making your track sound great on the radio, iPod or whatever speakers you want to use. An intimate understanding of how to manipulate sound is what’s needed to achieve the best. If you’re needing the right set of ears to master your next track or album, you can look no further as we have the right gear, expertise and experience.


Our online ‘Cyber-Services’ mean that you don’t even need to come to our studios to achieve a ‘world class’ sound. Simply place a deposit down on one of our Production Packages, let us know what sound you’re looking for on the purchase form, upload your basic demo (e.g. a voice note recording from your phone) and we’ll do the rest. In our Pro Package, we’ll even set up a video production meeting over Skype, Zoom, FaceTime etc.! We’ll also upload mp3 mixes of your project’s progress so you can keep track. For rates and info, Click Here.

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