A true artisan in his field, Patrick Carré is the most adept piano tuner Perth has. With over 25 years of experience in tuning, maintenance and restoration he consistently delivers concert quality piano tuning and workmanship. As an Australian Registered Piano Tuner, APTTA member and an authorised Yamaha piano technician, he will ensure that your piano constantly attains the highest standard of sound and playability.


Piano Tuning, Service & Restoration

People often ask “how often does a piano need tuning?”   A piano that is played regularly should be tuned at least once every 6 months.  Weather changes, moving, and humidity can also effect the tuning and your piano may need to be tuned more often.  Every piano should be tuned at least once a year regardless of use.

More than just tuning…

With over 20 years experience in piano tuning, repair and restoration, Yamaha “Key Essentials” accreditation and an APTTA member , who else would you trust to look after your sound investment?

Pianos Tuned & Serviced By Patrick Carre – Piano Tuner Perth


Piano Tuning & Service Costs

Piano Tuning – from  $220

Written Piano Valuation – from  $135

Written Repair Quote – from  $135

Piano Regulation – as per quotation

*NB prices include GST but may vary depending on the location and condition of the piano

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