Schimmel Grand Piano Arrives
by on November 10, 2015 in News

They call it Steinway’s rival but could this piano hold just that little bit more?  We experienced the Schimmel Konzert Grand Piano first hand at the Perth Piano Tuners Convention and loved it!  Even better than than, we are overjoyed to have this beauty delivered to our studio, for 2010 Australia’s Got Talent finalist Shuan Hern Lee.

Shuan will be recording this week at Artisan Music, completing his latest album on the Schimmel 7 foot grand piano, adding him to the Schimmel artist list.

So what’s so special about this piano? It’s design is unique, it has the same action as a 9 foot concert grand but without sacrificing the space at home (it’s only 7 foot), the sound board is enlarged to give greater volume and better tone distribution, not to mention it is amazing to play.

Sadly, the Schimmel Grand Piano will only be in the studio until 21st November 2015 so this is your opportunity to play and hear this awesome piano in a controlled acoustic environment.  Book an appointment you can email us or call Patrick on 0412 44 88 20.

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