Why Do I need a Producer?
by on March 1, 2020 in Blog Studio


Are you a songwriter looking to record your songs? You should probably use a producer, especially if it’s your first time in the recording studio.  Music producers have been around since the dawn of recorded music. Almost all of the top recording artists use them, but they aren’t just reserved for the ‘big time’.

Much like a fashion designer, music producers are in touch with the latest musical trends, sounds and they have the experience to make a song appeal to a wider audience in a particular genre. If you’re an artist carving a name for yourself and you music, you really do need a producer to make your music stand up above the rest. Here are 3 things they can do for you…

  1. They can help you achieve your project’s goals, avoiding the unexpected pitfalls you may encounter during the recording process.

There are many different approaches to achieving the sound you’re looking for. The music track for a song in the EDM genre (or sound), for example, usually requires programming, or sequencing of sounds and samples. On the other hand, a rock or blues song usually require a live band, or at the least live instruments. A good producer would look at the finished product you’re looking for and let you know the best approach from the beginning. This would save you money in the long run, having to re-record to get what you want. Or worse still, settling for something you’re not really happy with. Experienced producers are generally able to work in different musical styles, or at the very least, styles within a genre.

  1. They are not as emotionally invested in the song.

As songwriters, it’s easy to become attached to our ‘creation’. We tend to wear our hearts on our sleeves when writing about a someone or a personal experience. This can sometimes cause a song to get a little too specific and shut out your prospective audience. Not being so close to the song means that they can look at it objectively. They can then help you find best way to get the biggest ‘bang for buck’ for your song.

  1. They can musically enhance the emotion you’re portraying.

Most producers are accomplished musicians. They’re able to bridge the gap between words, sounds, and music arranging it all in a way that’ll capture the listener. The right music, reinforces what you’re singing about and will even keep them wanting more.


Even if you feel you’ve got it covered, working with a great producer, will enhance your creativity. Their job is to help get your song to sound it’s best no matter who comes up with the idea! All-in-all, if you’re wanting to take your songs from something people will politely keep on their shelf, or in their music library, to a banger that people will want to listen to time and time again, a good music producer is an investment that’ll push your music to stand out above the rest. 

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